Ex-evangelical rains hellfire on ‘moronic monster’ Trump for becoming the ‘pro-death’ president

Appearing on MSNBC's "Am Joy," former evangelical Frank Schaeffer harshly condemned Donald Trump and his supporters for standing by while people are dying.

Speaking with host Joy Reid, the former evangelist launched an impassioned diatribe about the president, calling him a "moronic monster."

"We're at a time now when the naked lickspittle enablement of Donald Trump by his evangelical followers is more horrifying than ever," the MSNBC guest began.

"When we come to this time of COVID-19 overtaking our country, a literal life and death issue, we see two things very clearly," he continued. "One is the utter moral bankruptcy of this leader who pits himself against governors trying to save their people, and the second is the utter moral bankruptcy of evangelical, the white evangelical voter, having been rented out to this moronic monster who in this time of crisis, is far from being our Winston Churchill leading us to freedom against the Nazis in Germany."

Addressing Trump's battles with the nation's governors over much-needed ventilators, he added that the president is essentially saying, "We're not going to make respirators, especially for governors we don't like, go off and die so the stock exchange numbers go up and I look good."

"We have a Republican lieutenant governor, we have people who are in positions of power and Donald Trump trying to push a business as usual agenda. instead of evangelicals standing up and saying, wait a minute, we bought into your candidacy because you're supposed to be the, quote/unquote, pro-life president," he continued. "We now have a pro-death president who would rather have his economic numbers go up chasing a 2020 election than save lives."

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