'Meghan hates her': McCain's running feud with Tara Setmayer keeping fellow conservative off The View
Tara Setmayer and Meghan McCain (ABC)

Meghan McCain's running feud with ABC News contributor Tata Setmayer has reportedly kept the fill-in host from returning to "The View."

The conservative Setmayer recently criticized McCain and her husband Ben Domenech, who publishes the right-wing Federalist website -- and reignited an argument the pair had on-air last year, reported The Daily Mail.

"This has become a cult of personality, I've said this for three years now," Setmayer said over the weekend at a conference in Washington, D.C. "I got into an argument with Meghan McCain on 'The View' over this and stood my ground. She told me to stop saying that, it's redundant. I said, 'No, too bad -- it's the truth.' She didn't like that, and neither did her husband."

Setmayer then looked at a camera recording the discussion and waved hello to Domenech, who had attacked her for taking part in the anti-Trump conference -- and an ABC source told The Daily Mail the feud has prevented her from coming back as fill-in host.

"We haven't had Tara back on the show in [seven] months and, of course, you can guess why," the source said. "Meghan hates her. For whatever reason [ABC] does whatever Meghan wants."

The source suggested that Domenech was doing his wife's bidding by attacking Setmayer, who is also employed by ABC News, and complained McCain received the benefit from a double standard.

"I'll put it to you this way," the source said. "If Joy Behar was starting Twitter fights with ABC News contributor Chris Christie online, all hell would break loose behind the scenes, and she'd be in big trouble."

"Meghan and her husband lash out at Tara, an ABC News contributor, and ABC News President James Goldston is sending his assistant out to buy Meghan a new cactus," the source added. "It's a real sh*t show."

McCain and Setmayer clashed on air after the fill-in panelist described Trump's supporters as a cult, and McCain complained that she felt insulted by the description.

"Please stop saying that," McCain said. "You said it the last time you were here and it's so reductive to people like me."

McCain insists she doesn't recall the blow-up, which she dismissed as "so forgettable" in a tweet to Setmayer, and ripped her for previously working for "Putin propaganda mouthpiece Dana Rohrabacher."

Domenech unleashed a profane attack last week on Setmayer and other participants in the Principled Conservatism conference.

"Tara Setmayer has zero actual political beliefs and will work for anyone who pays," Domenech said. "Yeah."