In the wake of his arrest for holding packed services at his church in Tampa, Florida, Pastor Rodney Howard-Brown says he's now the target of death threats.

During a Facebook Live broadcast, Howard-Brown blamed the threats on “religious bigotry and hatred" in the media, also claiming that someone fired gun shots at his church's sign.

"The media are stirring up every kind of religious bigotry and hatred right now," he said. "People firing shots last night at the church sign from the highway. We went this morning there was no bullet holes. We did report it but the police say unless you can show where the bullet landed, but I mean the guys, security were there. They could hear the gun going off and then the death threats, to the ministry and to the staff. It’s beyond the pale. So people have basically, literally lost their ever-loving minds."

As The Christian Post points out, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office arrested Howard-Brown at his home Monday afternoon for "intentionally and repeatedly" hosting packed church services in defiance of stay-at-home orders set in place by President Trump, the Gov. of Florida, the CDC and the Hillsborough County Emergency Policy Group.