Will Donald Trump campaign against Jeff Sessions out of spite?
President Donald Trump (left) stands next to Attorney General Jeff Sessions (right) as he spoke following his swearing-in in 2017. Image via AFP-Jiji.

President Donald Trump responded to Jeff Sessions failing to win the Republican nomination by kicking him while he was down.

It isn't exactly a surprise, MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace explained during her Wednesday show. Yet, the grudge-holding president could take the riff even further.

Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire explained that Trump has never forgiven Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation and essentially acting as his personal lawyer and protector the way Attorney General Bill Barr does.

"Now he held his tongue throughout this process as Sessions tried to win the old Senate seat back, much to the surprise of the aides that counseled him to do so. And then you knew you would hear from him today," said Lemire.

Sessions took the high road in his response to Trump's tweet.

But it poses the question of whether Trump will campaign for former Auburn University head football coach Tommy Tuberville, who's running against Sessions for the seat.

"The president is popular with Republican voters in Alabama, so much so that a signal of support for Tuberville or Sessions could be the difference-maker in the race," wrote the conservative Washington Examiner. "Sessions, among Trump's earliest supporters in the 2016 campaign, was for years a senator from Alabama before being appointed attorney general."

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