Conservative tells the White House they should keep Jared Kushner on a tighter leash
White House senior advisor Jared Kushner (screengrab)

Wednesday, Jared Kushner took to Fox News to announce that the 60,000 deaths due to the COVID-19 crisis were a "success story." There are over 1 million known cases of the virus, but given the lack of testing, Trump's former FDA chief estimates there are likely ten times as many.

In her Thursday column, conservative Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin told the White House they really should consider "muzzling" Kushner after his tone-deaf display on Fox.

"After President Trump’s idiotic and dangerous comments about injecting disinfectant into the body as a coronavirus cure, his aides and allies pleaded with him to appear less often and say less at the daily coronavirus task force briefings," wrote Rubin. Though Trump appears to have returned to his briefings under the guise of making other announcements.

Testing is a huge problem, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who said we're still not where we should be. It's been nearly a month since Trump told the country "Everyone who wants a test can get one." Fauci said that hopefully, the U.S. will get to that goal by the end of May or beginning of June.

While Trump and Kushner are taking a victory lap, Fauci explained that there will be a resurgence of the virus in the Fall. Trump disputed the leading government expert in viruses, saying that COVID-19 will just "leave" and "be gone" soon.

"The virus is not going to magically vanish no matter how many times the scientific illiterate in the White House insists. More people will become ill and more will die," said Rubin.

The White House are handing out high-fives, celebrating that "only" 60,000 people have died. Meanwhile, the economy is getting closer to Great Depression levels.

"Why would they make such a tone-deaf, offensive comment? The answer, as it is for everything, is simple: Trump can never admit defeat (he argues he is not responsible for anything) and insists on spewing his own fraudulent narrative," explained Rubin.

For years, Trump has tried to sell Trump steaks, Trump University, Trump Vodka, Trump airlines -- only to end up in bankruptcy. "The con man knows nothing but conning, so he and his courtiers never stop," said Rubin.

"It is little wonder polls show trust in Trump is cratering and disapproval of his performance is rising," Rubin also said, citing a recent ad by former Vice President Joe Biden. There are stacks of quotes from Trump to attack his response.

"Trump promised during the 2016 campaign that we would all be tired of winning. Little did we know that Trump and his crowd would think the worst domestic disaster in 100 years and the worst economy since the Great Depression was 'winning.' We are tired of it, that’s for sure," she closed.