Family of USS Roosevelt sailor thinks dismissed captain was 'probably ignored' and 'had no other choice' with his letter
The Robertsons (Photo: Screen capture)

Al Robertson's son is serving in the U.S. Navy and is abord the USS Theodore Roosevelt amid the coronavirus outbreak. He was grateful that Capt. Brett Crozier sounded the alarm about the cases taking down so many sailors on board the aircraft carrier.

Capt. Crozier was dismissed from command after superiors claimed he didn't follow the chain of command by sending his desperate plea for help for his crew. Despite an otherwise unblemished record, President Donald Trump said he had to go.

Speaking to MSNBC Sunday, Robertson doesn't believe what the Navy's excuses are.

"The Navy said he violated the chain of command, the memo went out to too many people. What do you say to that?" asked host Katy Tur.

"I find that hard to believe," Robertson said. "He's a captain in the United States Navy. He's in command of an aircraft carrier. The way I am looking at it, he was probably ignored and felt no other choice but to go outside of the chain of command to make light to the situation."

The Robertson's son has tested negative and is port in Guam with the carrier.

See the interview below: