'He seems more confused lately': MSNBC's Morning Joe says voters are noticing Trump's 'cognitive decline'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough has been alarmed over President Donald Trump's apparent "cognitive decline" since the early days of his administration, but he said voters are finally beginning to notice.

The "Morning Joe" host has known Trump for years, and he says the president doesn't seem as mentally sharp, but he said the coronavirus crisis has laid bare his deficiencies just over six months before the election.

"On the 5 million [tests] a day, the guy that runs testing said there was no way this was ever going to happen on this planet or any other planet," Scarborough said. "He said that in the morning to Time magazine, then in the afternoon, Donald Trump, who seems to be a little more confused lately, and contradicting his own people, it's truly disturbing. I'm starting to get really concerned, even more concerned about how quickly he gets confused."

The death toll has passed 61,000 in the U.S., but Americans can see for themselves that the president seems more concerned with its impact on his re-election.

"He's in a complete meltdown, a complete meltdown, threatening at one point, I think, to sue his campaign manager," Scarborough said, "who, of course, many people claimed that [Brad] Parscale used his position to enrich himself. It is causing concerns. Maybe he is more focused on getting more rich than helping Donald Trump."

"The numbers are horrific in the swing states," he added. "They're even bad in Texas, they're bad in North Carolina, they're bad all across the United States. Donald Trump, of course, is not going to blame himself because of how badly he is doing in these afternoon briefings, because he stumbles over words. Sometimes he seems to fall asleep in the middle of meetings. He seems to be, you know -- people have been talking about his cognitive decline for some time and how it may impact us in a crisis. Now, of course, worries that a cognitive decline are starting to catch up with him. We're starting to pay. But, my gosh, Americans are noticing, and the poll numbers are just collapsing."