NYC's de Blasio delivers frightening new revelation about extreme ventilator shortage in his city's hospitals

Appearing on CNN's "New Day" early Friday morning, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio predicted health care facilities in his city have only enough available ventilators to provide relief for COVID-19 patients to get the city through Sunday.

Speaking with host John Berman, the mayor said urgent action needs to be taken by the federal government if hospitals have any hope of keeping up with the exploding demand for additional life-saving health equipment.

"I've said this for weeks, there's no plan," de Blasio began. "There's no order that's been given by the commander in chief, the nation is in a peacetime stance while we're in the middle of a war. If they don't do something different in the next few days, they'll lose the window."

"You talked about Sunday as a critical day when you'll be running out of things that you need," host Berman asked. "How close are you to meeting the challenge you set with yourself to get the supplies that you need?"

I can get to Sunday when this comes to ventilators," the mayor explained. "Monday, Tuesday -- I'm not sure about yet. That's the blunt truth, John, I'm not sure."

"We have asked our federal government constantly, we've gone to every company we can find literally on earth that we could purchase from," he continued. "We're trying to create homegrown solutions or trying to come up with every creative way and approach but I don't know after Sunday if we're going to have what we need. That's just the ventilators. Actually the toughest part of the equation is the people part, the personnel. Because if we don't -- think about this: we predict by something like Monday or Tuesday, 5,000 people in our ICUs intubated fighting to for their lives with COVID cases. 5,000 then that number will grow."

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