'Okay, scientist lady': MSNBC's Joy Reid stunned after Trump supporter claims COVID-19 cure already exists

A stunned and amused Joy Reid shared a clip of a Donald Trump supporter telling a street interviewer that a cure for the COVID-19 virus already exists and there is no reason for people to not go back to work.

In the clip, posted to Twitter by Unicorn Riot, the unidentified Minnesota woman said that people need to go back to work and that she feared the supply chain would be interrupted leading to food shortages.

"All jobs are necessary for the supply chain," the woman, who also had a pig on a leash, explained to her interviewer. "And when you start messing with the supply chain, if we run out of food, there's going to be a whole lot worse than what's going on with the few people who are suffering from the disease, for which there is a very effective treatment."

Asked by her interviewer, "Can you talk about where you're from and then what made you bring your lovely pig? Also, what the effective treatment could be?"

"Well, now I forget," she replied while struggling how to pronounce hydroxychloroquine which President Trump has been pushing. "I can't pronounce it, but that medicine with zinc and vitamin C, many people are recovering, far more are recovering than are dying. And I'm here to say, open up Minnesota."

Cutting back to host Reid, she dryly commented, "Okay, thank you, scientist lady," before turning to her next panel.

Watch below: