Trump is 'tormented' by how the COVID-19 pandemic is crushing his poll numbers: CNN's John Harwood
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump's behavior has grown even more erratic in recent days, highlighted by bizarre tweets about journalists who won "Noble" Prizes and angry attacks against Fox News.

CNN's John Berman on Monday asked reporter John Harwood for his take on why Trump has been lashing out seemingly at random, and Harwood said the president is simply at a loss about what else to do.

"What's going on is you have a president tormented by how bad this is going," Harwood said. "Remember, he is stuck on the idea that, just a couple of months ago, he was running for re-election with this robust economy. All that has been blown out of the water. You've got a public health catastrophe, an economic catastrophe, and look what happened to his poll numbers over the last couple of months."

Harwood then pointed to swing-state polls showing Trump losing to former Vice President Joe Biden, and he said that Trump has only hurt himself more with his unhinged musings about being able to cure the disease by getting an injection of disinfectant.

"We've seen that he harmed himself by saying things that don't make any sense, like he did last week... that performance on disinfectant last week has almost made it toxic for him to talk about the virus itself."

Watch the video below.

Trump is 'tormented' by how the COVID-19 pandemic is crushing his poll numbers from Brad Reed on Vimeo.