Trump ripped by former Ted Cruz aide for his 'firehose of falsehoods' as we 'tally the sick and the dead'
Donald Trump AFP : JIM WATSON

In a column for the conservative Bulwark, a former speechwriter and aide to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) expressed her disgust with Donald Trump for his continuing lying about the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic while at the same time bragging about the TV ratings for his daily press conferences.

According to Amanda Carpenter, who also doubles as a conservative commentator on CNN, she has had it with his "firehose of falsehoods' " and "avalanche of lies" while the country is reeling from a health crisis that has trapped almost 80 percent of the populace in their homes.

"Was President Trump bragging about his television ratings? Or was it his polling? Maybe it was that he wanted credit for New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s high marks. Forgive me for not remembering or even caring. There’s only enough bandwidth for one number at the moment—the national COVID-19 death toll that stalks a new record high each day," she bitterly began.

Noting that "the John Hopkins COVID-19 counter reported over 189,600 cases in the United States and over 4,000 deadFEMA is sending refrigerated trucks to transport corpses from New York hospitals. Gymnasiums and parks have become makeshift emergency hospitals. Medical professionals, many reporting to the frontlines without proper personal protective equipment, are risking their lives to treat patients who carry the deadly infection," Carpenter wrote that she has become weary of Trump trying to shift the blame to Democrats, doctors and nurses, governors and anyone else who comes to mind during his rambling and self-serving press conferences.

"He vainly believes that he is getting stratospheric television ratings because of his leadership appeal and not because millions of people are trapped in their houses in the middle of a pandemic desperate for clues about what happens next," she wrote before adding, "Instead of focusing all their energy and attention on the pandemic, Trump and his allies are picking many of the same kinds of vapid fights they always have."

The conservative then dropped the hammer on the president after first accusing him of a "firehose of falsehoods, an avalanche of lies."

"Is there any point in proving how much he lies anymore? Because right here before us all, there is a far more critical number than his TV ratings, polling, or the Dow Jones Industrial Average: the tally of the sick and the dead," she wrote. " s the president crows about his TV ratings, a black cloud looms over every American household—the dread that comes of knowing that you or someone you care about could be next. It could be a family member, a teacher, a doctor, or that lady at the gas station who calls you, and everyone else, 'sweetheart' when you go inside to buy snacks."

"It’s an invisible terror, ruthless and random. There’s no telling who it will strike down or when," she explained before condemning the president with, "But we will know their names. They will be recorded in a terrible ledger. And there would be far fewer names in that grim list if our president had acted differently."

You can read the whole scathing piece here.