'Tyrants get the rope': Michigan protester calls for governor's hanging over stay-at-home orders
'Tyrants get the rope' (Craig Mauger/Twitter)

Demonstrators gathered outside Michigan's capitol to protest the governor's stay-at-home order -- including one with a sign advocating for her hanging.

The protest appears to have drawn more than 100 demonstrators to Lansing, where crowds advocated Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ease social distancing guidelines aimed at halting the spread of the coronavirus.

One demonstrator wearing a camouflage baseball cap carried a sign that read, "tyrants get the rope," according to a photo posted online by Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger.

“The goal from (Thursday) is to get a no vote on the extension of the emergency declaration from the Senate and beyond that, the goal is to continue pushing forward until we have our rights back,” event organizer Jason Howland told WOOD-TV.

A state of emergency was set to expire Thursday, but Whitmer has asked the legislature to extend that for another 28 days.

Michigan has reported well over 40,000 cases, including 3,670 deaths, from the COVID-19 outbreak, which has surged again this week.