Atlanta mayor levels Trump for comments taunting George Floyd protesters: He's 'making it worse'

Appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday morning after yet another night of protests rocked her city, the mayor of Atlanta bluntly told Donald Trump to keep his mouth shut about the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers and the protests that have followed.

Speaking with host Jake Tapper, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was asked about comments the president has been making on Twitter about the protestors which have included threats of using "vicious dogs" and "ominous weapons."

"President Trump has been tweeting about the violent protests across the country. he vowed to step in and use, quote, 'the unlimited power of our military' and he suggested local officials should, quote, 'get tough and fight.' He's also talked about threatening 'the most vicious dogs and most ominous weapons I have ever seen' to use against protesters in Washington, D.C.," host Tapper began. "What do you make of the way the president has handled this crisis?"

"He should just stop talking," she bluntly stated. "This is like Charlottesville all over again."

"He speaks and he makes it worse," she continued. "There are times when you should just be quiet and I wish that he would just be quiet. Or if he can't be silent, if there is somebody of good sense and good conscience in the White House, put him in front of a teleprompter and pray he reads it and at least says the right things, because he is making it worse."

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