Denver cops busted for doing drive-by shootings of anti-police brutality protesters
Twitter screenshot via Rachelle D'nae @heyydnae

In a video posted to Twitter, a young Denver man protesting the killing of George Floyd at the hands of four former Minnesota police officers, found himself on the receiving end of an attack by police himself as he filmed them riding on the side of a truck -- only to have his phone hit by a fired police projectile while still in his hand.

According to Rachelle D'nae, a staff writer at Slate, her brother went to the Denver protest and was filming the officers when the incident occurred.

"My older brother went to a protest in Denver last night. as the police were leaving, one of them shot him with a pepper pellet that smashed the back of his phone and exploded in his face. they were ~30 feet from each other and it looks like the officer aimed directly at his face," she wrote before adding in a second tweet, "when my brother told me he was going I prepared for the worst. I made sure he had my number memorized so I could bail him out if I needed to and I sat up until he made it home, trying not to cry as he told me he had been tear-gassed."

She later added, " ... his face was still burning when he woke up this morning. I’m not posting this for sympathy, though I appreciate it. I’m posting it bc my brother clearly posed no threat and it didn’t matter, it never matters. And before anyone comes at me with bullshit, this was before the 8pm curfew though that shouldn’t f*cking matter."

You can see her tweets -- and the video -- below: