Mayors rush to impose curfews as civil unrest rocks cities from coast-to-coast
Thousands gathered on foot and in cars in south Minneapolis to protest against police violence and call for justice for George Floyd. On May 25, Minneapolis Police officers arrested George Floyd, handcuffed him, then put a knee on his neck as he said he wasn't able to breath. George Floyd appeared to stop breathing and died soon after. Protesters met in the area of Chicago Avenue and 38th Street, but many blocks in the area had people with signs while others drove by protesting from their cars. People marched east on 38th Street and some worked their way to the Minneapolis 3rd precinct building where there were clashes with police after dark. Photo by Fibonacci Blue.

Minneapolis was the first to impose curfews designed to prevent protests of police violence after Mayor Jacob Frey imposed a curfew on Friday.

On Saturday other cities followed suit, with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan imposing a curfew set to start only 14 minutes after her announcement.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has issued a curfew for downtown LA.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher also declared a curfew:

Here are other curfews:

Atlanta, Georgia

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Cleveland, Ohio

Miami, Florida

Toledo, Ohio

Denver, Colorado

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Salt Lake City, Utah

Cincinnati, Ohio

Louisville, Kentucky

Milwaukee, Minnesota

Charleston, South Carolina

West Hollywood, California

Columbia, South Carolina