Notorious fake news purveyor pushing coronavirus misinformation from Macedonia
Troll/Creative commons

A notorious fake news purveyor who helped amplify President Donald Trump's first campaign is now pushing coronavirus conspiracy theories in this election cycle.

Teodor Mircevski, who operated fake news sites aimed at Americans from Macedonia, has been amplifying coronavirus misinformation ahead of the 2020 election, according to an analysis by The Daily Beast.

The DomainTools database shows an address for Mircevski in Veles, Macedonia, for sites posing as legitimate U.S. news websites, a method he and some teenagers from his country had done to rake in advertising money four years ago.

One of those sites posing as an ABC affiliate gained viral attention for a phony story about a West Virginia woman who allegedly shot and killed a pedophile attempting to attack her daughter, but the real Morgantown sheriff had to announce the story was a fake.

The site lists a fake address for the fake affiliate in Denver that was generated by an application meant to test data loss prevention tools, and the site's domain name recorded in in RiskIQ’s database shows a Gmail address associated with Mircevski, according to The Daily Beast.

In addition to the viral story about the pedophile shooing, Mircevski's have promoted sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and amplified Rudy Giuliani's claims that link Dr. Anthony Fauci to a Wuhan lab where some conservatives have claimed -- without evidence -- the coronavirus originated.

Mircevski is also affiliated with or sites that generate high levels of social media engagement despite highly dubious sourcing for their reports.