Obama unloading on Trump after being ‘pushed to the breaking point’: CNN
Barack Obama and Donald Trump

Speaking with "New Day" host John Berman on Monday morning, CNN contributor Kate Andersen Brower stated that former President Barack Obama is finally breaking his silence on Donald Trump because he has had enough of the president's actions -- as well as his inaction on the coronavirus pandemic.

The war between the current president and his predecessor broke out over the weekend after Obama took a veiled swipe at Trump during his televised commencement speech for American students, suggesting that the president isn't serious about his job.

Trump, in turn, fired back at Obama on Sunday by calling him "grossly incompetent."

According to Brower, Obama has been hesitant to go after Trump, but that all changed as the death toll from COVID-19 mounted.

"Finishing up on President Obama here, how much more of this are we going to hear?" Host Berman asked. "What exactly is it about this pandemic and the handling that has so infuriated him?"

"I think how we see how it's disproportionately affecting African-Americans and minority communities that is of particular concern for President Obama," Brower explained. "He's in a uniquely placed position to criticize President Trump's handling of the pandemic. He called it a 'chaotic disaster' in that [previously reported] call with his aide."

"But, you know, he has been very reluctant to say anything," she continued. "Because I talk to people around him who say Trump just wants an enemy and President Obama doesn't want to give him that enemy to galvanize his base. The fact that he's coming out now says he's been pushed to the breaking point on this."

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