Obama won't attend White House portrait ceremony as long as Trump's in office: report
US President-elect Donald Trump and President Barack Obama's comments on each other have not always been complimentary (AFP Photo/JIM WATSON)

The traditional White House portrait unveiling won't be taking place for former President Barack Obama, at least while Donald Trump remains president.

First-term presidents have traditionally hosted their immediate predecessors in the East Room for an unveiling ceremony, but sources told NBC News that modern ritual won't happen between Trump and Obama.

Trump, as he has established through a tumultuous first term, doesn't mind bucking tradition, and he has kept up the attacks on Obama that made him a national political figure in the first place.

Obama, according to people familiar with the matter, also has no interest in participating in the ceremony as long as Trump is in office.

Representatives for both the Obamas and the White House declined to comment on the report