Trump-loving customer vows to rip down mask ordinance sign from salon owner's door
Carmie Holloway and Daysha Jones (KFOR)

An Oklahoma woman recorded herself ripping down a salon's sign notifying customers that masks are mandatory for service.

Carmie Holloway shared the video on her Facebook that shows her leaving Salons by JC and snatching the COVID-19 warning sign from the shop's front door, reported KFOR-TV.

“That is state sponsored propaganda,” Holloway says in the video. “This is an abuse of power. Well, I know it is.”

One of the stylists, Daysha Jones, said she was shocked and annoyed by Holloway's stunt.

“We don’t need anybody to fight for us,” Jones told the TV station. “It’s not her place or business, it’s not her decision.”

Mayor David Holt requires workers to wear masks upon reopening businesses, and they must offer masks to customers who don't have one, and salon owner Judy Dorsett agreed with Jones that wearing masks is courteous and safe.

“We are happy to wear masks, and the salon professionals spend extra time sanitizing their suite in between clients,” Dorsett said.

But Holloway vowed to return every day and rip down the sign, if necessary, but Jones urged the salon regular and strong supporter of President Donald Trump to drop her crusade.

“Just don’t,” Jones said. “Go about your way.”