Trump super PAC spokesperson Steve Cortes: 'If you are sick, China did this to you'
Steve Cortes appears on Fox Business (screen grab)

Steve Cortes, spokesperson for the pro-Trump super PAC America First, on Wednesday told sick and out-of-work Americans that "China did this to you."

During an interview on Fox Business, Cortes attacked presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter for what he said were ties to the Chinese government.

"It sure seems to me they are desperately trying to come up with scenarios where they can replace [Biden]," Cortes said of the Democratic Party. "As China becomes in many ways the primary issue of this election, I think in many ways the November vote is going to be a referendum on America's relationship with China."

Cortes went on to claim that Trump had been "tough on China" even though he has repeatedly praised China's Xi Jinping for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Do we want to hand the reins of power over to someone I call Beijing Biden?" Cortes opined. "Because that is an appropriate moniker for a globalist like Joe Biden."

"I would implore Americans out there, right now, if you've lost a job, if you're worried about losing a job, if you're sick, China did this to you," he added. "China did this to you and Beijing Biden will only make things worse."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.