Trump's claim Dem governors don't 'respect' churches slapped aside by NYC's Cardinal Dolan

Appearing on CNN's "New Day" on Friday morning to explain how New York area Catholic churches are planning to reinstitute religious services in light of the coronavirus pandemic, Cardinal Timothy Dola brushed aside accusations from Donald Trump that Democratic governors are hindering the free exercise of religion.

After talking about wanting to get Catholic masses back on track in an age of social distancing, host Alisyn Camerota asked about Trump's claims about government interference.

"President Trump said yesterday that churches are not being treated with respect by Democratic governors. Has that been your experience?" host Camerota asked.

"Well, I can only talk, Alisyn, about New York," Dolan replied. "I compliment the job that Governor [Andrew] Cuomo has done. I've complimented Mayor [Bill] de Blasio. Yeah, I complimented President Trump."

"I think our leaders have not let us down. they've worked hard and they're trying their best," he continued. "I wouldn't feel that in New York. I found our governor, our mayor, Senator [Chuck] Schumer to be very attentive and sensitive. They've been especially eager to have us in compliance with the guidelines, been kind enough to say the religious communities have come through in being very safe and conscious of health. They've been sensitive as well and say we want to work hard to get you back."

"Governor Cuomo on Thursday named a religious advisory panel to kind of help him decide when we can get back, to help us decide when we can begin to get back just as he's doing with business and sports and recreation and all," he added. "So they're not leaving religion out, no. So far, I don't have any complaints."

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