'Berman is still the US Attorney for SDNY': Legal experts conclude Trump screwed up firing with statement to the press
DOJ photo of Geoffrey Berman and White House photo of Bill Barr

The bizarre saga over who is in control of the DOJ's Southern District of New York continued on Saturday.

On Friday evening, the Department of Justice put out a statement claiming that U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman would be stepping down from leading the SDNY.

But the office put out a statement later Friday evening saying that was not true and denying he had resigned.

On Saturday, Attorney General Bill Barr wrote a letter to Berman saying President Donald Trump had fired him.

But Trump disputed that in comments made to reporters as he left the White House to attend a controversial campaign rally in Tulsa.

Legal experts believe Trump may have screwed up the attempted firing with his statement.

Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal believes that Berman is still in charge.

Law professor Jennifer Taub agreed.