Boogaloo militia members have infiltrated the US military -- and they're aiming to overthrow the American government
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The Boogaloo movement, the civilian-run militia, has now infiltrated the U.S. military, VICE News reported Wednesday. Members of the military take an oath to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic," but the Boogaloo movement wants to overthrow the American government and start a second "Civil War."

The word "Boogaloo" is used as a code for "civil war," which is gaining steam at anti-mask and anti-lockdown protests.

The discovery was made when Facebook groups and online networks used by anti-government militia members started to grow with active-duty military members of all branches and a variety of positions.

"Some of the most active online boogaloo communities are on Discord, a platform popular among gamers," wrote Vice. "There, members have been discussing ways to co-opt protests against racism and police brutality to advance their own agenda. And current or former military have chimed in with their expertise, from the best gas masks to military-grade firearms," screen captures show.

"I was not particularly surprised to see current and former military members involved in boogaloo groups online," said Professor Megan Squire, an Elon University expert who tracks extremist groups online. "The question for me right now is whether military men are attracted into online groups or whether they are forming groups themselves. Which direction is the influence going?"

One member revealed that he was being deployed to Philadelphia. Another joked he was torn between telling his commanding officer about the boogaloo conversations and handing over military information to other users.

Intelligence officials are starting to get concerned about the movement. Politico reported in May that Homeland Security told local law enforcement that they should keep an eye out for domestic terrorists to use the protests of George Floyd's death as an opportunity to cause violence and pit people of color against the police.

Those exact things were captured on film in the days that followed. Protesters ultimately started carrying violent agitators to the police if they witnessed them breaking things, looting, lighting things on fire or other acts of violence.

When one group of Boogaloo Boys were arrested in June, the FBI found that one was an Army reservist, one was a Navy veteran, and another was an Air Force veteran. They were planning to throw explosives at Black Lives Matter protesters in Las Vegas to create chaos. Authorities then arrested Air Force Staff Sgt. Steve Carrillo in California for an attack on a federal officer outside of an Oakland courthouse.

"Go to the riots and support our own cause," Carrillo allegedly wrote on Facebook before he ambushed the federal officer. "Use their anger to fuel our fire. Think outside the box. We have mobs of angry people to use to our advantage."

When asking the Defense Department about the concerns of military members of a militia preparing for a violent overthrow of the American government, they said they are "aware of the boogaloo movement," VICE reported.

It isn't known what the Pentagon or the branches of the military are doing to curb white supremacy and anti-government sentiment.

VICE News went into considerable detail with several examples of concerning communications captured online. You can read their piece here.