Charleston port employee keeps job after social media post praising Dylann Roof
Dylann Roof (Mugshot)

A South Carolina Ports Authority employee was disciplined -- but not fired -- for social media posts praising white supremacist killer Dylann Roof.

The employee called for Roof's release from prison, where he's awaiting execution for killing nine black worshipers in 2015, and responded to a comment by saying the white supremacist was the only person who could "save Charleston," reported Charleston City Paper.

The Facebook posts were made under a false name, and the newspaper could not independently verify the employee's real name and so chose not to publish.

The Ports Authority confirmed, however, that the worker was disciplined in some unspecified way over the posts but remained on the job.

"While we do not normally comment on employee issues, we want to make it exceedingly clear that S.C. Ports Authority does not tolerate hate speech or racist remarks. Swift disciplinary action has been taken against the employee in question, and the offensive posts have been removed from his social media platforms. Diversity, inclusion and respect for all are an integral part of our core values as an organization.”

The posts praised Roof and threatened white supremacist violence as nationwide protests condemned racist police violence.

The State Ports Authority employs about 720 people in Charleston.