COVID-19 cases are surging in key swing states -- and Biden's campaign plans to make Trump pay: report
Donald Trump Jr. and Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

COVID-19 cases are surging in many key swing states, including Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina.

Axios reports that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is now planning to make President Donald Trump pay for these surges by attacking him for acting like the pandemic is over.

The Biden campaign is giving instructions to surrogates to hammer Trump for his COVID-19 response by pointing to all the places that have seen cases surge after the president pushed them to reopen.

"Donald Trump profoundly failed our nation by refusing to act on countless warnings from his own experts and from Joe Biden as the coronavirus outbreak spread around the world," Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield tells Axios. "Trump's lack of a coherent response to the worst public health crisis in generations has cost almost 115,000 Americans their lives, triggered historic job losses, and thrown our nation into chaos."

Bedingfield also slammed Trump for still not enacting any kind of test-and-trace program for COVID-19 hotspots, which has only ensured that the disease is spreading unchecked.

"[I]nstead of finally doing his job and helping the country safely reopen, the virus is resurgent in nearly 20 states and the president is AWOL without a plan while still not rushing to give states the testing, contact tracing, and other resources they need to get this under control and repair the terrible damage his incompetence has wrought on our economy," she said.