Federal courts can 'shine a light' on Bill Barr's 'corrupt' manipulation of Flynn case: Ex-CIA staffer
William Barr appears on CBS (screen grab)

On Wednesday, the lawyer appointed by a federal court to look into the DOJ's handling of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's case found that the government's move to dismiss the charges constituted "gross prosecutorial abuse."

On MSNBC's "Deadline White House," former CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash walked through the potential implications.

"It's a huge setback for [Attorney General William] Barr and President Trump, who is trying to throw out all the charges against Mike Flynn, who, of course, in the early days of the Trump presidency, actually before the trump presidency, was secretly discussing with the Russians how the Trump administration and the Russian Federation, the Kremlin, would coordinate their efforts and when he was confronted about it, he lied to federal officials."

"Apparently, Mike Flynn told Donald Trump the truth about what he was doing, but he didn't tell the FBI," said Bash. "And this matters a great deal because after Mike Flynn pled guilty and admitted in open court he had lied and committed perjury, that he had committed a felony and he was prepared to be sentenced, Donald Trump said basically, I'm going to do a side door, back door pardon of this guy because he's my political appointee, and now the district court said we're not going to accept that motion by the Justice Department."

"I think the judge here and this arbitrator, I think they can shine the light on this corruption," said Bash. "They can call it out. Call it for what it is. But at the end of the day, Donald Trump could just pardon Mike Flynn, and I actually predict that's what's going to happen."

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