Florida retirement community descends into civil war as Trump supporters plot sabotage of opponents' golf carts

The Villages, a sprawling retirement community in Florida, came under the national spotlight this weekend when President Donald Trump approvingly promoted a video that featured an elderly supporter who lives there chanting, "White power!"

The Daily Beast reports that Democratic residents in The Villages feel increasingly under siege from their Trump-loving counterparts, who recently plotted to sabotage the Democrats' plans to hold a golf cart rally to kick off the 2020 election season.

Chris Stanley, the president of The Villages Democratic Club, tells the publication that he caught Trump-supporting residents plotting online to toss nails in the path that the Democrats were planning to use to drive to their planned golf cart rally.

The Daily Beast reviewed a local discussion forum in which it did find comments promoting the idea of littering the golf cart path with nails, as well as hurling eggs at the Democrats' carts as they drove by.

When the rally actually happened, however, Stanley said there were no nails in the path.

"They were laying in wait for us with foul signs and name-calling and threatening gestures," Stanley said. "It was ugly. It was very ugly... That’s what life is like for us now in the Villages. I hope that starting Nov. 4, things get better."