Fox News pundit’s joke about Jimmy Kimmel’s child blows up in her face after she learns of heart condition
Fox News screenshots

An extended joke by Fox News personality Kat Timpf ended awkwardly on the Greg Gutfeld show on Saturday night when the host pointed out that she had been making jokes about late-night host Jimmy Kimmel taking care of his child who has a heart condition.

In a video posted to Twitter by Laura Jolly, wife of former GOP lawmaker Dave Jolly, Timpf went off on what she thought was a humorous rant about Kimmel using his child as an excuse to get out doing his show.

According to the Fox News commentator, life is much harder for her as a childless woman with a cat who has to give her pet heart medicine every day, only to be clawed.

"It's a lot harder to hold down a cat than a kid," she exclaimed as some of her co-panelists started shaking their heads. "Babies don't have claws and if they do, you should see a priest."

At that point, a grimacing Gutfeld informed her, "Kat, I just want to remind you that Jimmy Kimmel has a son with a serious heart condition," which caused her to sit up straight.

"Oh, I didn't know that," she admitted, later adding a subdued, "Sorry."


Timpf apologized in a segment that followed.

“First of all, I'm very sorry for what I said in the last segment. I was just trying to make a lighthearted joke. I had no idea. I'm sorry to Jimmy Kimmel, and I am sorry to America. I had no idea and I'm very sorry, I'm an idiot."

Watch below: