'Hey, not everyone died': George Conway starts #TrumpSlogans to mock Trump campaign trying to find a new message
Composite image of George Conway and President Donald Trump (screengrabs)

It was revealed Sunday during an Axios report that President Donald Trump's campaign is searching for what their campaign is going to be about or what their "message" is for November.

"Make America Great Again" doesn't work because it assumes that Trump didn't make America great while he ruled for four years. "Keep America Great" doesn't work because Americans agree that the United States is on the "wrong track." Much to his chagrin, it can't be an economic message because the unemployment rate is still 13 percent with over 30 million people searching for jobs.

It was first tweeted by Trump antagonist George Conway, who is among the group of Republicans who started the Lincoln Project to attack the president's failures.

Conway noted he was shocked it became such a big hashtag so quickly.

Twitter users responded to the news by mocking the Trump campaign for trying to come up with a new message. Check out the hilarious tweets below: