’Let ‘em go’: Ex-police commissioner lays into Buffalo cops who quit Emergency Response Team
Federal Communications Commission photo of Charles Ramsey.

On CNN Friday, former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey slammed the 57 Buffalo police officers who resigned from the city's Emergency Response Team in solidarity with a pair of officers investigated for shoving an elderly man to the ground and then lying about it.

"If they want to resign, they should resign from the department," said Ramsey. "They don't have a vote in what unit they're in or the running of that department. They would not be allowed to step down from those positions. If they want to resign from the police department, let 'em go, and I would not bring them back, it just means you have some slots you have to fill. That kind of stuff is ridiculous and can't be tolerated."

"Anyone who looks at the video of that 75-year-old man being pushed down and being injured and says, that's okay, I'm going to resign over it, you don't need them on the police force, quite frankly," said Ramsey. "And what was even worse than that, they gave him a shove, which was inappropriate, they may not have been intended for him to fall, but how do you walk by a person laying on a sidewalk with blood pooling around their head, and somehow that's okay? That officer should get a pat on the back and go back to work? No, it doesn't work that way."

"That's why they're protesting in the street right now. Because of those actions on the part of police," Ramsey added. "It's exactly where we are right now. It's an embarrassment, quite frankly."

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