Lines in Georgia are the GOP ‘test run’ for November: AOC warns voter disenfranchisement is ‘by design’
Long line to vote in Atlanta, Georgia (screengrab)

Georgia's primary election was described as a "complete meltdown" on Tuesday.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who authored the Supreme Court Decision gutting the Voting Rights Act, was blasted for Georgia's voter suppression.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) posted drone footage from The New York Times documenting the long lines to vote.

"Republicans don’t want vote by mail [because] it chips away at their ability to do exactly this: target and disenfranchise Black voters and people of color," she posted on twitter.

"These scenes are specifically happening in Black communities, not white ones," she continued.

"This is BY DESIGN, & it's their test run for Nov.," she argued.