'Most juvenile logic we've ever heard': Trump busted for latest COVID-19 excuse by CNN's Camerota

CNN's Alisyn Camerota on Friday busted President Donald Trump's latest excuse for the surging number of COVID-19 cases throughout the United States.

Camerota began by playing an interview the president conducted with Fox News' Sean Hannity in which Trump claimed that the only reason COVID-19 cases have been rising dramatically has been because "we do the greatest testing."

Although the number of COVID-19 tests has significantly increased in recent weeks, the positivity rate for tests has also been increasing, which shows that the surge in cases cannot be explained by testing alone.

"That is the most juvenile logic I think we've ever heard," Camerota said in response to Trump's comments. "The country's getting sicker... what is the president thinking?"

CNN reporter Dana Bash then chimed in to explain that Trump knows his handling of the pandemic is hurting him, but he isn't willing to take it seriously enough to make a difference.

"What one of the sources we talked to told me is that the president does realize that he has to change course," Bash explained. "This is a source familiar with the president's thinking. And here comes the 'but': The 'but' is, he has to do something really dramatically different."

Watch the video below.