MSNBC's Donny Deutsch sees really bad news in Trump poll numbers with Republicans

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch sees even more bad news underlying the sinking poll numbers for President Donald Trump's re-election.

The "Morning Joe" contributor agreed with host Joe Scarborough that Trump's approval ratings seem set in stone, but other numbers seem to be moving even further away from where his campaign wants to be.

"We are seeing kind of a baked situation," Deutsch said. "A few of the numbers in the 'cares about voters like me' [poll] is a critical one. Another one I look at at is the fear number. I think fear is the greatest motivator more than anything. When you look at the election, people who support Joe Biden, over 60 percent of them are doing it out of fear of Donald Trump, whereas people who support Donald Trump, only 33 percent are fearful of Joe Biden."

"That's reverse from what happened with Hillary Clinton," he added. "People were so afraid of four years of Hillary Clinton, they were willing to take a flyer, that's No. 1."

Deutsch said there's no good news in the underlying numbers in Republican attitudes.

"Second number from an [Associated Press] poll I find stunning, 63 percent of Republicans think we're going in the wrong direction," Deutsch said. "That's two out of three Republicans [who] think this country is going in the wrong direction. So when you start to look at those numbers, you go, what is going to happen dramatically in the next 140 days that's going to shift this?"