MSNBC’s Morning Joe doesn’t see any way for Trump to regain trust with voters
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough doesn't see any way for President Donald Trump to regain the trust he's squandered by spreading misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic.

The president has helped turn mask-wearing into a political issue and seemingly worked against widespread testing, and the "Morning Joe" host said polls show Americans are increasingly turning on him.

"The president, he's isolating himself on every issue, 75/25 on the coronavirus," Scarborough said. "Remember the poll about people wanting their kids to go back to school? Here's [Ohio] Gov. [Mike] DeWine's approval rating, 75 percent in Ohio, a state that President Trump is down, and struggling in a state he won easily before."

"You can talk about going back to school, remember we showed that poll some time ago, and something like 80 percent of Americans with children were not ready to send their children back to school, and at the same time the president was pushing for them to send their children back to school," Scarborough added. "Not because of education, but because workers needed some place to park their children to get back to work. But even small business owners understand that if we have another round of deadly waves of coronavirus, they're going to have to shut the businesses down again, and it's already happening in some parts of America."

Cases are on the rise, and spiking dangerously in Texas, where the administration's plan to scale down testing would shut down seven testing sites.

"When you look at [Sen.] John Cornyn from Texas, actually criticizing the president of the United States for stopping funding of testing sites, think about this," Scarborough said. "He wasn't joking. He's now calling for the stopping of funding of testing sites as we go up."

Those decisions and statements are showing up in the polling, Scarborough said.

"We can add Texas and Georgia to the states that are also in danger, because some recent polls have showed that he's tied there," he said. "So I guess the question is, what's the dynamic that's going to change? What dynamic is going to change? How are these numbers going to get any better if he continues to spout out information that's false about the worse pandemic in over 100 years?"