'Ridiculous -- it defies logic': CNN's Gupta aghast at Trump's mask-free indoor Arizona rally

CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta found himself at a loss for words when asked about President Donald Trump's Tuesday afternoon rally inside of an Arizona megachurch where participants weren't even required to wear face masks.

During a panel discussion about the COVID-19 pandemic, host John Berman pointed out how terribly things are going in Arizona, which has been regularly setting record highs in both coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.

"Arizona has got real problems," he said. "Arizona's positivity rate is higher than 20 percent. They're seeing hospitalizations increase. They're running out of ICU beds."

Berman then asked Gupta for his opinion on Trump's decision to hold a campaign rally there amid such dire circumstances.

"I don't even know what to say anymore about this sort of stuff," he said. "This to me is like a bunch of people being outside in the middle of a hurricane, right? You can't see this virus, you don't feel it. It may incubate in your body for 14 days, but it makes it no less of a storm."

Gupta then got even more agitated when thinking about the Trump rally.

"We're being really, really silly, we're being ridiculous at this point with these types of things," he said. "That's the worst-case scenario. I mean, having a large indoor event, unmasked, people not physically distancing in the midst of a pandemic, with a very, very contagious virus out there. The virus hasn't changed. We know the virus is contagious. It just -- it defies logic."

Watch the video below.