Singer and songwriter pens ballad about 'bunker boy Donald Trump'
Singer/songwriter Courtney Jaye (Photo: Screen capture)

Singer/songwriter Courtney Jaye, whose album "Love and Forgiveness" was named as one of the Top 50 Albums of 2013 by American Songwriter, has penned an epic ballad dedicated to President Donald Trump.

It was reported Sunday that Trump was rushed to the White House bunker on Friday evening as a few hundred protesters surrounded the building. As the weekend progressed, more and more protesters have come to stand in opposition to police violence and a White House they feel isn't doing enough to stop it.

Trump has tried to claim that he was really just "inspecting" the bunker, but it went down like a lead balloon.

Jaye memorialized the historic move with the release of her new song "Bunker Boy," which encourages Trump, among other things, to stick his "Bible up your ass."

You can listen to it below: