Trump is facing multiple 'bombshells' that could still explode before election day: reporters
President Donald Trump responds to a question about Jussie Smollett (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump's imperiled re-election campaign could face even more damage in the coming months.

In interviews with Politico, several historians and journalists identified potential Trump "bombshells" that could send his hopes of winning the 2020 race spiraling further down the drain.

Included among the potential bombshells are revelations about the president's business dealings, which he has managed to keep completely opaque after he broke his campaign promise to release his tax returns.

"Questions swirl about the exact size of Trump’s fortune and whether the reality matches Trump’s claims; the nature of the family’s past and current business dealings overseas; the extent to which foreign interests seek to influence Trump through favorable dealings with his holdings or those of family members; the degree to which his hotels and other business operations have reaped enhanced revenue because of Trump’s presidency," the publication notes.

Another mystery that could be unraveled is the precise nature of Trump's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

New York Times reporter Peter Baker tells Politico that "we don’t have the explanation why" Trump is "so seemingly enamored of Putin" and why "he so desperately wants his approval."

Politico suggests revelations about the true state of the president's health could come back to haunt him as well.

"What was that unscheduled trip to Walter Reed Army Medical Center last November all about?" the publication asks. "What explains Trump’s unsteady appearance drinking water or walking down a ramp at West Point earlier this month?"

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