Trump is losing -- and 'his world of hurt keeps getting more painful by the day': Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson -- screenshot

In his column for the Daily Beast, former GOP campaign consultant -- and current founder of the Trump-attacking Lincoln Project -- Rick Wilson said Donald Trump is not quitting the 2020 presidential race, but that doesn't mean that his world isn't collapsing around him.

Warning voters to not take for granted that former Vice President Joe Biden has the election wrapped up, Wilson wrote, "Trump’s world of hurt keeps getting more painful by the day. He doesn’t like the work. He doesn’t enjoy the day-to-day aspects of a job that demands responsibility and intellect, to say nothing of things like meetings, and reading, and thinking, and behaving like a grown-ass adult."

According to the columnist, the president still has tons of money but that his campaign is being run by "a chaotic swamp of blame-storming and rat-f*cking skells, a slurry of scoundrels, money-laundering no-accounts, and dead-eyed miscreants," and that doesn't bode well for the president's chances of stopping his campaign's collapse.

 Adding to the president's worries is the COVID-19 health crisis that is once again rearing its head with a spike of new infections, with Wilson writing, "As Trump persists in his juvenile defiance of masks and social distancing, the pile of bodies keeps growing," and the added, "We thought 50,000 deaths was a shock, then 75,000 rolled over our screens. 100,000 passed and now 125,000 and the numbness of loss and the unreality of it looms over the world. We may well hit 200,000 before November, and he’ll blame everyone else. "

Then there is Trump's Russia problem which is now blowing up in the president's face after the Associated Press reported last night that the president knew about the bounties the country was paying for the killing of American military members for over a year.

"Trump would rather submerge himself in the lake of fire for a thousand years than talk about Russia again. It’s the subject he can never avoid, never fully wash out. It’s the dirty little secret at the heart of some mystery about Trump’s finances or personal life or something that will be solved by historians," he explained. "For all that Trump’s fans believe him to be an avatar of masculinity and martial strength, the idea of a Russian bounty program paying cash for the deaths of American soldiers doesn’t seem to bother Trump. His inaction screams for investigation and exposure."

As Wilson goes on to explain, the president is damaged goods, he knows it, and that he is not above taking the country down with him.

"His is not a future in cosseted luxury but billion-dollar legal bills, the slow betrayal of everyone around him and the destruction of what remains of his vaunted brand," Wilson wrote. "Trump is trapped in this campaign, and we’re trapped with him. Desperate, pinned animals are still dangerous as hell. Don’t imagine for a moment there’s a limit on what he’ll do or say to win, no matter how bad it gets"

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