Trump 'lashing out at everybody' as firings loom due to Tulsa fiasco: CNN
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump is still raging at campaign staffers over his sparsely attended Tulsa rally, according to reports.

CNN's Kaitlan Collins reported that campaign manager Brad Parscale and other officials could be replaced over the rally -- which drew slightly more than 10 percent of their worst-case scenario prediction of 60,000.

"Kayleigh McEnany said this morning she spoke with the president and he was not angry, but that is not what multiple people talking to the president since Saturday night said, and they described the president seething over the fact of so many empty rows in that arena on Saturday night after expectations had been high," Collins said. "The president had been told that nearly a million people requested tickets, expecting it to be a full arena and then it wasn't, and we know this is a president who pays very close attention to crowd size and mocks others when they do not have substantial ones, so this is not gone over well."

"Of course, this has raised questions whether or not the president will fire someone over this," she added. "He fired people in the past over crowd sizes, and people look at the campaign manager and other officials I'm told that could be under fire, the campaign's official that organizes the rallies and White House officials, potentially, because yesterday we were told that the president is lashing out at everybody over this, and so, of course, as they figure out how the president will respond, a lot of that depends on the coverage and how long this stays in the headlines, but aides are preparing a way to not have this happen again and a repeat, maybe hold some rallies outside, in smaller venues to fill them up."