Trump needs to 'run the table' in key states to have any chance of being re-elected: NYT reporter

Appearing on MSNBC on Sunday afternoon with host Alex Witt, New York Times White House correspondent Peter Baker said Donald Trump's chances of being re-elected are getting worse by the day as voters in normally reliable Republican states are turning on the president.

Addressing former Secretary of State Colin Powell's endorsement of Joe Biden for president during an appearance on CNN, host Witt asked about the president's declining fortunes.

"What the president has done throughout his presidency is stick to his core constituency; the voters who got him there in the first place. He has done nothing to reach out beyond his core constituency,'" Baker explained. "For the most part, he has catered to the core constituency with the idea that, if he maximized turnout by them in the right states, he can duplicate what he pulled off in 2016 which was an electoral college win."

"That's going to be a tough road this time," he continued. "What we're seeing now is these swing states are really competitive races. Not just in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the states pretty key to President Trump beating Hillary Clinton four years ago, but even the states like Florida, North Carolina and there's a Texas poll showing President Trump and Joe Biden virtually tied there. If those states are in play, states that were not thought to be competitive, that makes President Trump's job that much harder."

"In other words, he has to run the table," he predicted. "He not only has to win back the states he won last time, but hold on to these states that he is in danger of losing. Now again, as early as five months out, polls have been wrong before but I think even within President Trump's campaign right now there is a great deal of concern."

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