Trump's big failure this week stripped away the last reason for Republicans to vote for him: conservative
Donald Trump (AFP / Nicholas Kamm)

In a column for the Daily Beast, former Republican Matt Lewis explained that, if there was any reason for a conservative to vote for Donald Trump in November, it dissipated this past week because he has failed to deliver on any of his promises.

Lewis, who left the Republican Party due to the president's actions, claims two major Supreme Court decisions that went against Trump are signs that his administration has been a failure -- and voters should take notice.

Beginning with a mocking, "Donald Trump won the presidency, and all I got was this MAGA T-shirt?" Lewis suggested that any Republican who "held their nose" to vote for Trump in 2016 should feel betrayed after three and a half years.

As Lewis notes, the one thing that followers of Trump have been able to cling to has been his promise to deliver conservative judges and that fell apart this past week, particularly in the case of Justice Neil Gorsuch who handed the LGBTQ community a huge win -- much to the dismay of conservative activists.

"In 2016, conservatives made a Faustian bargain that involved looking the other way on Trump’s many sins in exchange for his delivering on lifetime conservative judicial appointments who would, presumably, deliver conservative results. But like the humming economy he was running on, that “deliverable” has been rescinded at the worst possible time—the year of his re-election bid," Lewis wrote before adding "Unlike the border wall he promised, Trump’s early success on judicial confirmations (particularly his two Supreme Court confirmations) allowed even Trump-skeptical conservatives to rationalize their vote. No matter what happened, they could always reply, 'BUT GORSUCH!' For now, at least, that slogan rings hollow."

 According to Lewis, "otherwise smart and decent conservatives had to sacrifice a ton of principles" to vote for Trump and now they have good reason to turn their backs on him -- adding his court failures can be added to the list of Trump administration flops along with a collapsing economy and the failure to make any serious headway on the border wall that was a key component of his 2016 campaign.

"If conservatives believe that Trump’s re-election in 2020 is going to deliver the goods, it’s worth asking what this assumption is based on," Lewis wrote before citing a devastating critique of the president from conservative activist Erick Erickson.

“If you got in a time machine, went back to 2016, went on Sean Hannity’s show, and said by 2020 the Supreme Court would put transgenderism and sexual orientation into Title VII without Congress, Obamacare was not only still legal but expanded, churches could not meet, socialists had taken over part of Seattle, the economy had cratered, Planned Parenthood is funded, and the national debt was bordering $30 trillion, Hannity would insist the only way to prevent all of that and more was to elect Donald Trump," Erickson wrote.

 "Actually, though, it’s a mistake to suggest that Trump hasn’t delivered anything. His presidency is pushing the country to the left," Lewis lamented before adding a bitter, "In 2018, he delivered Democrats control of the House. In 2020, he very well might deliver control of the Senate to them. So… congrats?"

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