Trump's failure to pack arena in Republican Oklahoma is a warning his 2020 campaign is 'derailing': report
Trump Tulsa screenshot via DWNews on YouTube

According to a report from Bloomberg, Donald Trump's inability to get more than 6,200 people to show up for his first rally in 110 days in solidly Republican Oklahoma should send a warning signal to his re-election campaign that the president is in big trouble.

While a conservative columnist suggested on Sunday that Trump's rally schtick has become boring, the Bloomberg report notes that highly publicized rally that failed to draw anywhere near what aides expected is a sign that the president's campaign has gone off the rails.

"Donald Trump’s first campaign rally since coronavirus swept the U.S. will be remembered more for what the president would rather forget, as his attempt to reset his re-election bid drew a disappointing crowd in a solidly Republican state," the report states, "The event in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday attracted far fewer supporters than Trump and his advisers had promised."

Pointing out that a spokesman for the city’s fire department pegged the crowd at just under 6,200 in a facility that holds over 19,000, the report did state that spokespeople for the president's re-election campaign blamed protesters although  the"Tulsa police department said in a tweet that protesters had been 'overwhelmingly' peaceful."

According to Bloomberg, "The poor showing added to indications that Trump’s re-election is far from certain and that his campaign risks derailment."

The report goes on to note that Trump has dropped precipitously in the polls behind former Vice President Joe Biden, despite outspending him, and that his Democratic challenger outraised him in the month of May.

Pointing out that "Trump’s large, raucous rallies were the lifeblood of his 2016 campaign," Bloomberg said that was then and this now as, "The president has struggled to maintain enthusiasm for his campaign as coronavirus ravaged the country and cities nationwide were convulsed by protests following the death of George Floyd last month at the hands of Minneapolis police. Over the course of a week, a damaging new book by Trump’s former national security adviser, John Bolton, and the ousting of Berman on Saturday added to the president’s travails."

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