Trump's 'yawning' supporters show he may not even hang onto his base: WSJ's Peggy Noonan
(Photo: Screen capture from Lincoln Project ad)

Conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan thinks that President Donald Trump has even more to worry about than empty seats at his rallies.

In her latest column, Noonan observes that even the 6,000 or so people who did manage to attend Trump's rally in Tulsa last week didn't seem nearly as excited to be there as they did four years ago.

"The real picture at the Tulsa rally was not the empty seats so much as the empty faces—the bored looks, the yawning and phone checking, as if everyone was re-enacting something, hearing some old song and trying to remember how it felt a few years ago, when you heard it the first time," she writes.

Noonan also believes that Trump is uniquely ill-suited for the current moment, and he cannot credibly run a Nixonian "law and order" campaign when he behaves so chaotically on a daily basis.

"A sense that things have gone out of control under your watch does not help incumbents," she writes. "A sense that he cannot calibrate his actions but will do any crazy thing to bolster his position will not help him. He is a strange man in a strange time, the old rules don’t necessarily apply."

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