'Most people are not wearing masks' as Trump hosts the ‘largest event since the start of the pandemic’ at the White House
The White House Independence Day party, photo by Jeremy Diamond via Twitter.

President Donald Trump on Saturday hosted the largest White House event since the start of the coronavirus lockdowns.

As attendees began to gather, the White House press corps posted photos of the event.

While the White House was asking people to wear masks, they were not required to attend the event.

NBC News correspondent Monica Alba reported "few masks spotted so far" at the party.

CNN's Jeremy Diamond reported, "most people are not wearing masks."

Health experts have warned against such gatherings.

On Friday, shortly before Trump took to the stage for his 4th of July event at Mount Rushmore, it was revealed that campaign staffer Kimberly Guilfoyle tested positive for COVID-19. Guilfoyle, a former Fox News anchor who was once the first lady of San Francisco, is dating Donald Trump, Jr.

Multiple Republican nominees for statewide office in Montana are in self-quarantine after spending time with Guilfoyle.

Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason also posted from the event: