'No path to victory': MSNBC's Donny Deutsch says Trump can't win re-election without cheating
Donny Deutsch (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch doesn't see a legitimate path to re-election for President Donald Trump.

The "Morning Joe" contributor can't think of any advice to offer to his longtime acquaintance, because his approval has dropped so low in states he needs to win.

"I always like to think I have the answer," Deutsch said. "Sometimes there's a Rubik's cube and there's no answer. When you start with the president's own words -- all you have to do is use the president's words in a life or death situation. You can fail on a trade deal or a conversation with Russia, you can't fail when it comes to saving people's lives or causing people to die. That's what he did."

Joe Biden holds a lead over Trump in key battleground states, and only 19 percent of voters believe the country is on the right track -- which is well below the rates for previous incumbents who won.

"It is so overwhelming against him, I come back to there's one of two alternatives," Deutsch said. "He steals the election or he quits, one or the other. There's no path to victory right now. You guys have been talking in the past hour, it's not that early [in the campaign]. I don't know where you never heard me say this on the show, because I'm often wrong, never in doubt, I don't know what I would do for this guy."