‘Profoundly disturbing’: Trump slammed on CNN for obsessing over whether people ‘like him’ during crises
Donald Trump _Fox News screenshot

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," reporter John Harwood laid into President Donald Trump for his self-pitying complaint from the White House briefing room that "nobody likes me" and Dr. Anthony Fauci commands more respect.

"That's a pretty extraordinary statement from the president of the United States," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "He seems to be a bit jealous of the nation's top infectious disease expert."

"The president, in the middle of a deadly panic, is functioning at the level of a child, and not even a child who's really connected to reality," said Harwood. "He retweeted all that nonsense from this kooky person who made these claims about hydroxychloroquine. Even as the president is trying, has been goaded by his aides into trying to strike a more realistic assessment of the situation, he cannot resist repeating his promotion of this unproven medication, not to mention the absurd statements like much of the country is 'corona-free.'"

"We still have more than 55,000 cases a day, 1,000 people dying a day, and the president is complaining this people don't like him," continued Harwood. "It's profoundly disturbing that this is the kind of leadership — or lack of leadership — that the country is getting from the White House in a crisis of this magnitude."

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