Tom Cotton’s ‘blatant racism’ hurts Trump’s re-election and threatens GOP Senate majority: MSNBC’s Morning Joe
Tom Cotton speaks to CBS News (screen grab)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Sen. Tom Cotton's defense of slavery would drag down other Republicans in November's election.

The Arkansas Republican called slavery a "necessary evil," and the "Morning Joe" host said voters are increasingly alienated by the GOP's "blatant racism."

"The guy went to Harvard Law School, he knows how to draft a sentence," Scarborough said. "He wrote, as the founding fathers said, slavery was the necessary evil upon which the union was built. We can all read English. He tried blaming that on the media, blame it on himself or whoever drafted that, but these sort of quotes not only damage Donald Trump and Republican senators with Black voters, with Latino voters, with Asian-American voters, it, of course, damages Donald Trump's prospects of ever winning back white suburban voters in the suburbs of Philly, in Macomb County, Michigan, in the suburbs of Milwaukee, the suburbs of Pittsburgh."

"This blatant racism is devastating and self-defeating not only to Donald Trump's election chances," Scarborough added, "but also to a lot of the Republican senators in Arizona and North Carolina."