Trump has 100 days to save his collapsing campaign -- and no plan to fix it: Ex-RNC official
Photo via AFP

According to the former spokesperson for the Republican National Committee, Donald Trump's re-election campaign is watching the coronavirus pandemic derail his bid to stay in office and can only hope for a miracle in the next hundred days to stave off certain defeat.

Writing for the conservative Bulwark, Tim Miller explained that Trump has finally found an opponent he can't punch back at (like Hillary Clinton) or slur (like minorities) in a virus that has killed over 140,000 Americans on his watch.

Despite the president's attempts to make the election about presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, or protests in the streets, polls show that the overwhelming concern of voters is how the government is going to stem the COVID-19 health crisis -- with Americans expressing little faith the president is up to the job.

With Miller explaining, "As we near the final 100 days of the campaign, all three legs of Trump’s original plan [low unemployment, the Hunter Biden/Burisma 'scandal' and Joe Biden's competency] cut out from beneath him," he added that leaves the president and his campaign grappling with a foe no one can plan for.

"The only actual option that Trump has to deal with this disruption is to punch the virus back. He has to defeat it. But that requires work. And consistency. And deferring to experts. And . . . leadership," Miller explained before adding, "None of these traits comes naturally to Donald Trump."

Added to the problem is that fact that advisers to Trump are telling him to ignore the ongoing crisis with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows all but admitting over the weekend, "the best way forward is to downplay the dangers of the disease."

As Miller notes, that leaves the best the campaign can hope for is, "Ignore the thing that is punching you in the mouth over and over again, causing death and economic destruction throughout the country. Pray that someone else fixes the problem for you. Depict yourself as the law-and-order president by sending federal cops in camo to clash with protesters and convince the world that Average Joe Biden is the leader of MS-13."

As the former RNC communications expert pointed out: "In short, Trump has got just over a hundred days left to get bailed out by the vaccine gods or come up with a new plan. Otherwise it’s gonna be a TKO."

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