Trump has committed at least 11 disgraceful acts just since April: conservative
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On Saturday, writing for The Washington Post, conservative columnist Max Boot outlined all of the chaos President Donald Trump has caused just in the last three months — arguing that "he has disgraced the nation’s highest office as no previous occupant has come close to doing."

"Think about all that has happened since April 5," wrote Boot. "That was before security forces attacked peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square so that Trump could stage a bizarre photo-op. Before he pushed to send the armed forces into the streets. Before he embraced 'white power' and called Black Lives Matter 'a symbol of hate.' Before he vowed to veto the defense authorization bill to prevent the renaming of military bases named after Confederate generals. Before he used the novel coronavirus as an excuse to shut down immigration and threatened to revoke the visas of college students unable to attend classes in the fall."

And that was just the beginning, wrote Boot — in that time, he also sat on reports about Russian bounties on U.S. troops; announced withdrawal from the World Health Organization; held in-person rallies that ignored his own administration's public health guidelines; spread conspiracy theories about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, and faced allegations from ex-National Security Adviser John Bolton that he praised Chinese President Xi Jinping's Muslim concentration camps and asked for his help winning re-election.

"Most of all, that was before the coronavirus had infected more than 3.1 million Americans and claimed the lives of more than 131,000," wrote Boot. "In early April it was still possible to imagine that the virus really would abate by the middle of summer. That this hasn’t happened — that the virus is still raging out of control in America while being brought under control in so many other countries — is directly attributable to the epic failure of leadership by a president who infamously proclaimed 'I don’t take responsibility at all.'"

Trump's decision to commute former adviser Roger Stone's prison sentence, wrote Boot, is the latest, and one of the most blatant, in a long string of outrages that have dragged the office through the mud — and one that outlines why he is in a class of his own for corruption.

"Not even Nixon during Watergate dared to pardon his co-conspirators or commute their sentences. That Trump has done so secures his unrivaled place in the annals of presidential infamy," concluded Boot. "He is not just the worst president ever; he keeps getting worse."

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