Trump impersonator hilariously previews the president’s Mount Rushmore speech

On Friday, musician and Trump impersonator J-L Cauvin posted a video satirically previewing the president's Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore.

"The Democrats want you to wear masks, but we don't need masks," said Cauvin, impersonating Trump's New York accent. "Everybody's feeling great — stop coughing! Everybody's feeling great. So healthy. Such great health."

"Democrats want to kill you and silence you," he continued.

He then delivered a parody rant against removing statues, which sources report Trump will make a central point of his speech. "Thomas Jefferson, that's another one they hate. Everyone makes mistakes, but he had African-American girlfriends!"

Cauvin, who first started working Trump impressions into his stand-up routine in 2015, is one of multiple Trump impersonators who have gone viral on social media in recent weeks. Another who took the internet by storm was Sarah Cooper, a comedian who gets laughs by lip-syncing to recordings of Trump's most absurd real-life speeches.

Watch below: